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Introducing : Project #SaveTalent. Helping startup employees handle the layoff mess

In the last 2 months, close to 2,000+ people have lost their jobs at startups. Many of these job losses are reported, but the truth is that the...


India’s big exit mess and what we can learn from it

India’s startups have seen a funny turn of events of late, with storied founders asking for government protection, and revered investors making...


Don’t Sink Before You Can Swim: Crucial Steps for Startups to Stay in the Black

Entrepreneurs must rely on fact-based decision-making to ensure their companies have the best chances of succeeding in competitive...


3 Split Tests to Improve Your Direct Mail Results

If you want to increase your response rate, make sure you are ALWAYS testing something...


Can fintech startups replace stereotyped financial advisors?

The best part about India is that if you choose any section, put filters in terms of product acceptability or target segmentation, there still would...


Future Startups Will Succeed Only If They Acknowledge These Harsh Realities

Make no mistake, there will be winners and losers. Your future prosperity -- and your very survival -- depends on acknowledging it, and learning to...


Starting an eCommerce business: What to keep in mind?

Here are some crucial things that you need to keep in mind before starting an ecommerce...


How Different Modes of Accepting Digital Payments Will Impact the Indian Businesses & Economy

The rising threat and damage caused by counterfeit currency circulating throughout the economy has apparently reached a climactic point to the extent...


Here are 5 apps to help you find a room, house to rent

Buying a property vs renting is a never-ending debate, but the outcome depends largely on your income and circumstances. If you’re looking to move...


Should I Talk To My Startup Competitors And Their Investors?

One of your startup competitors added you on LinkedIn. Maybe a top investor of a competitor found your email and sent you a cold email. They want to...


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February 25,2017 9:00AM

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Combo in Hyderabad

GreyCampus MC Design House 27, Rohini Layout, Hitech City, Madhapur Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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