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We are on a mission to create a one-stop destination for tech-based startups in Hyderabad and make the ecosystem grow bigger by connecting all stakeholders. The quiz page, that is updated every month, allows you to test your knowledge on the recent developments in the world of startups. Take the quiz now and see if you can earn a special title from our grandmaster. You can also share it on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and followers!

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cheat sheet1. Which French bank is looking forward to work with Indian start-ups and build digital solutions?


cheat sheet2. Which company acquired MastiTickets, the Hyderabad-based online ticketing platform?


cheat sheet3. Which Hyderabad-based digital healthcare start-up announced the launch of India’s first virtual health clinic for women?


cheat sheet4. Which Hyderabad based start-up received the ‘Emerging Business of the Year 2016-17’ title at the Middle East Asia Leadership Summit & Award?


cheat sheet5. Which tech giant joined Flipkart for a cloud partnership to expand e-commerce services in India?


cheat sheet6. Which German (automobile component) manufacturing company strengthened its presence in India by its India Technology Centre in Hyderabad?


cheat sheet7. In a survey where 54 countries participated, India scored 41.7 points on the Women Business Ownership index. At which position did this point put India in? (Where was India ranked in this survey)


cheat sheet8. According to the government’s (proposed) Credit Guarantee Scheme, what is the risk cover that the government will provide for collateral free credits given by banks to start-ups?


cheat sheet9. How much is the Indian IoT market value estimated to reach by 2020?


cheat sheet10. The World Bank plans to invest $47.5 million with which Hyderabad based Indian pharmaceutical company?


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